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How to generate cash sheets from push notifications on your website

Have you heard of datspush, or maybe you are a user? Datspush is one ad network that focuses entirely on traffic. But we discuss further than what is datspush, it's better to discuss a little about push notifications. 

You must be familiar with push notifications, because there are many website owners or models who often use this notification feature in order to get a lot of traffic to a website or an application.

For friends who don't know, push notifications are small messages that can reach their audience where and when via their gadget or computer. 

This push notification does not depend on a site but it is related to a mobile application or a web browser. A push notification often appears on the site tool when there is an update on the content of a website according to its wishes. 

Every time we in the user see a notification will most likely open some are indifferent but mostly open to redirect to a site we are.

What is datspush? 

Do you still not know push tips? Okay, I will tell datspush, that is, the international fishery network that he has is specialized in push notifications. 

Datspush is a promotional network network that, through many push notifications, will help producer owners make lots of money from their websites. At the same time it also provides all the high traffic sources.

Datspush feature for publishers 

before the publisher wants to join this site, make sure you know what the superior features of this platform are. The following are the features offered by this site: 

1. variety of ad formats 

Auto notification system from Datspush so that it can reach car users or tips, currently Datspush offers 3 advertisements that can later reach its users on mobile or computer. For advertising, namely Mobile push, web push, and rich pus.

 2. Real Time statistics 

On its page, the Datspushpara advertiser dashboard, publishers can see their statistics in real time and easily, it will be very helpful for publishers later to see the web performance and be able to calculate it manually. 

3. Qualified and safe advertisers 

According to various sites that have used until now there are no suspicious advertisers on this platform, they are so strict in maintaining an ecosystem of their platforms and following a guideline for looking for the security of Microsoft systems.


The following is my article this time, I hope that in reading it, you can add insight to friends, how much is normal, sorry, thank you for reading, hopefully by reading it, you are healthy.

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