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Online Transportation is Cheaper than others

Online Transportation is Cheaper than others - Online transportation is cheaper than others - How can this be that online transportation is cheaper than conventional transportation? Has this question ever crossed your mind. Not without reason, there are several factors that make this happen.The use of online-based transportation services in Indonesia continues to increase significantly every year. This fact makes traditional transportation increasingly marginalized and unsold from day to day.

The existence of online-based transportation such as Go-jek which indeed has a positive impact on many people, both from the user side and from the driver's side. With this online transportation service, we no longer need to wait for the angkot at the stop, no longer have to complain about the uncomfortable angkot, and most importantly we can go to our destination faster.

Besides, if we compare the convenience, and the rates, then online transportation will definitely win. Especially in terms of tariffs. So, why is online transportation cheaper than traditional transportation? Here's the explanation:
Reasons Why Online Transportation Is Cheaper

If at this time we are told to choose, it is only natural that we prefer and gravitate towards transportation services at lower prices. Plus in terms of advantages and convenience, plus the speed to get to the destination can be faster.

This can cause other parties to suffer losses, such as traditional transportation. Users of traditional transportation must have experienced a drastic decrease in income due to reduced demand.
Online-based transportation can get cross subsidies

The reason is because online transportation can be cheaper than traditional transportation. We must have realized with the imposition of different rates of online transportation when they are busy and during quiet hours. During busy times, your payment is more expensive, then the rates / fees that we pay will be more expensive than when we ordered during quiet hours.

The application of cross-subsidies will make more sense and it feels fair to users and online transportation services. Apart from that, the service from online transportation drivers is an important factor as well why consumers prefer online application-based transportation services.

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