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MLM-style Herbal Business Opportunities

MLM-style Herbal Business Opportunities - When we hear advertisements on the internet about the herbal business, there is definitely something like Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business. Is it true? Actually there is nothing wrong with an MLM business, because according to personal MLM this is good and can provide opportunities for success. What's more for people with small capital. Only with a capital of Rp. 2,000,000 alone, can already do herbal business.

many people say that this MLM-style marketing technique is a very cheap strategy and the money that can be generated is quite a lot. It's just that in this MLM term the connotation is mostly negative when the common person hears it. no matter how effective the herbs are, it remains that people can be lazy when they hear this word. "This is MLM, Ma'am? Not just yet! "

In fact, there are many herbal business opportunities that have been marketed by way of MLM. But make no mistake, you also have to be careful before getting involved and getting into the business.
1. Questionable Security Guarantee

Indonesian people like natural smells because they consider them harmless and do not cause side effects. Different from chemical drugs which directly cause a worse indication. this assumption is just a myth.

The fact is that herbal medicine also has implications when the patient takes the drug that has been prescribed by the doctor. That's why doctors often ask patients to consult if they want to take herbal medicine so that there are no unwanted effects.

If you want this to be made into a business, of course you shouldn't be careless. Even more so for customers who want a guarantee of wanting to recover.

Finding a Safe MLM-style Herbal Business Opportunity

1. Focus on product quality, not bonuses

Picking up opportunities from a herbal business with a model like MLM can make you rich as long as it is right on target. But you don't just be tempted by the bonuses offered. Try to be more focused on product efficacy.

There are many supplements that have been certified and they are proven to help relieve disease.

2. Check with OJK (Financial Services Authority)

we have to be observant, there are lots of Money Games under the guise of MLM. Make sure we have to be able to check first on the website of the Financial Services Authority. Be careful with business entities that are indicated as fraudulent investments under the guise of MLM.


Here is my article this time, hopefully reading it can add to your insight, friends, thank you for reading this article.

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