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Mas snail farming business

Mas snail farming business - Mas snail farming business - Farmers who own the fields or who work on the fields are definitely annoyed by this pest, namely golden snails. Imagine, with just one golden snail, the rice yield could drop by 15%.

In addition, the dark damage caused by snails still increases after 50 days before harvest. The question is, why would someone want to open a gold snail farming business. Because seeing the enthusiasm of these golden snail farming business actors, I am a little interested in reviewing the opportunities of this slow creature's business.

Benefits of Keong Mas for Health

Although farmers hate golden snails, these pests have a very high protein content. Through the proximate test, the protein content of golden snails ranges from 17% -50%. Plus 41% of its body mass consists of protein. The content of substances that Lian found in this animal consists of omega-3, -6 and -9 acids.

We can also make golden snails as a sufficient source of energy with a total nutritional value of 84 calories, 0.3 grams of fat, 12.1 grams of protein, 62 mg of phosphorus, 6.7 grams of potassium 17 mg of potassium, 40 mg of sodium, 1.9 niacin. mg, 13 mg of riboflavin and important mineral content of Zn, vitamin C, Iodine and others. Children are also strongly advised to consume golden snail meat because it is rich in calcium.

The promising future of Keong Mas:

- For Culinary Business

There are a lot of culinary businesses based on snails, such as satay, beef jerky, chili sauce, and crackers. You can also just make it as a side business. Even from the public trust in this animal is still high so it is possible and the opportunity to get a high turnover is very there.

- For Animal Feed

The advantage that you can get with golden snails is that you can sell them for animal feed. because the high protein will be very good for the development of your livestock starting from fish, ducks and others. There are even a lot of duck breeders who claim to have multiple benefits.

Duck itself is able to produce eggs with a quantity of 70% higher. Not only that, mixing 4.5% of the golden snail flour to make beef cattle feed also gives very significant results.

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