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Comparing health systems between third world countries and the rest of the world

This may be one of the pressing issues during this Covid19 pandemic now on a day when I am looking for many articles, blogs and videos, and a solid health care system has excellent clinical staff who manage their experience with patients.

This disaster happened for the first time in their lives to treat so many patients simultaneously, at the other end of third world countries, we can choose some of them from large numbers, such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and so on, where the health system is very limited compared to the population of the country, they are still very prosperous hospitals can not accommodate them all in their daily routine.

12. The United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and China have solid health systems that have been shaken by the Covid-19 epidemic. They usually treat patients with limited specialization, 90% of whom are insurance patients, and the rest are government responsible for treating them accordingly, and they don’t have to deal with financial issues because they receive strong government support to support them.

Compared to them, we have many problems to answer, the third first and most important world countries are already far behind developed and rich countries, they have social, economic, legal and system problems, they cannot provide coverage for the celebration of their four citizens of good care, but they have trained staff, and they treat thousands of patients in their daily routines. In my experience, during karachi’s urban crisis, I faced daily shootings, gang wars, robberies and blind bullets. I work in a private hospital where only patients expose themselves to .

For high-quality maintenance, followed by JCIA protocol. During my visits to public schools, education was also part of our study, where I saw thousands of people, most of whom couldn’t afford shoes and sandals, who were barefoot to follow long lines, and the victims opened new wounds and injuries just in addition to these treatments as patients in clinics and had to wait for tours.

It is not our country that has never provided a basic health care system for citizens, and the reason may be all we have, 40% of the illiterate population or the appropriate system. Our nurses and doctors are well trained as they care for a large number of patients every day which improves their skills.

The university hospital where I trained also acknowledged my clinical experience in urban crises, the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Mokhtar Benzer Bhutto, and other crises. I am glad I had the opportunity to run the RCR code with fellow doctors in the emergency room as a nurse to revive patients.

The Covid-19 epidemic has begun to take root in Pakistan, India and other underdeveloped countries that are trying to stop its spread through tight closures, an educational institution and community, always dying every day double digits, a controlled number, but the number of suspects and victims is increasing every day, and nurses, doctors and other paramedics are very enthusiastic. to respond to the situation as we believe .

“We belong to God and he will return.”

Covid 19 We are ready to defeat you as we fight you to protect our citizens.

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