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5 seconds concept to promote yourself

5-second concept for self-promotion - this 5-second ad for friends who are deep in the world of business or currently have their own business, of course you must really understand that in this field we must need excellent selling or marketing skills for our business. ability to sell either through the media or directly selling using words. This is very necessary in order to attract interest from others.

Before running a business requires a marketing strategy of its own, there are many techniques or techniques that can be developed by various experts in the field of business around the world. Of course, there are some difficult techniques that require a lot of preparation. However, there are also those that are simple and very easy to apply in our business.

Among these concepts there is a simple concept in marketing or can be used for promotion, yes, it is as conveyed by the founder of a general trading company PT Solusindo. This entrepreneur once admitted that his fur went through such difficult times where he only became a sales marketing. offers himself from one person to another and often gets failures or unsatisfactory responses from the interlocutor.

that's where a bona fide Raharja concludes and makes a very simple technique in promoting himself so that our interlocutors, either press or even investors, can be interested in what we offer, which is called the 5 second advertising technique.
Concept in 5 second advertisement

The basic concept of this technique is 5 second advertising, very different from other advertisements, it is recommended to use advertising media. The purpose of this technique is how to be successful in promoting what we should do to our conversation partners in 5 seconds. .

basically we only need 5 seconds and that we have to convey the main points of what we want to talk about so that later our conversation partner can dig deeper information and will eventually be interested. delivery in a 5 second advertisement must be done at the beginning of the conversation or when the first time we met someone new. This we will not be separated from the term that first impression is so tempting.
What are we going to do

At the beginning of this point, it should take a lot of 2 seconds, that is, with some vulnerabilities, a maximum of 10 words. In my group, we must be able to explain what we do in a business that we will offer to our interlocutors. For example, like we work in a digital company of course we cannot directly mention that we only work in that field, playing can be buried using other words that are more detailed, for example, I am working on digital data analysis so that we can find out future trends.
What impact for others

after we say the next point conveyed is about what the other party feels from what we are working on together. today it is still very sublime from the first example by doing work and data analysis, it seems that we can help all the main companies that move in this field, namely the digital field in order to be able to dominate the nation as well as the online market which is currently being crowded.
There is a further effect

This is the last point that we must be able to include in the technique of using 5 second advertising, which is about a further effect that might result from a work that we do. Again, this time it is connected from the example above it can be said that we are able to see reality investment in the current digital trend sector will be even more affordable and profitable than advertising in the mass media. So it seems that automatically reducing companies is more economical and this time it can increase revenue will increase in the company.


The following is my article this time I hope that by reading it can add to my friends' insights, more or less I'm sorry, thank you for reading, if this can be useful, it can be shared with other friends.

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