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3 Profitable 10 Million Rupiah Business Capital

3 Profitable 10 Million Rupiah Capital Business - I like and agree with the theory of people who are currently in the business world with a word, Don't think too much. Action alone let you learn immediately. There is a lot about opportunities in business if you have a capital of 10 million rupiah. But and yet again, no matter how small the business, there are still risks.

This is often forgotten by prospective entrepreneurs at the beginning. If you really have 10 million in capital, and immediately get into business and suddenly bankruptcy occurs, of course you will be stressed later. And few are willing to get up to try again. Tiredness, trauma and stress.

It's a pity if you get stuck at a dead end like that. My experience in trying in the culinary business at that time was without experience and there was no such thing as good management, I had to go out of business. Therefore we must be willing to think about the worst in business.

If you have to have a special design, the costs involved in opening a business. After entering and taking part in the business community, at that time I found the initial plan for a business opportunity with a capital of 10 million.
Business Ideas and Opportunities using only 10 million or less:
1. Selling Motorcycle Masks

This business opportunity can be run with a business capital of 10 million, the need for a motorcycle mask from time to time is getting higher because the level of pollution is already severe. Well, making a motorcycle mask is not complicated and only takes a little time. What is prepared is sewing tools, special cloth masks and sewing skills only.

But in saving our capital, energy and time, we can first assume the role of a reseller. The important thing is that we are able to just estimate, what kind of mask and what material and how much will it sell to be.
2. Flavored Milk Drink Business

Building a business such as flavored milk is added by selling flavored milk drinks as well as business opportunities with only capital under 10 million. First, we have to make sure the location is in a crowded place, for example, near a campus.

The target market like the one above is very effective because students and school children are the ones whose names are snacks. can also enter the mall. But the rent is more expensive.
3. Franchising

Franchising is also a business opportunity with capital below 10 million that can join the franchise business. There are more and more rombong-style culinary delights. Generally this franchise business

has a financial and marketing design, starting from raw materials and the good thing is, in the franchise business it is well known throughout the community so there is no hassle with promotions and product quality. just run But we need to remember. Factors that affect it such as location, and the existence of a profit sharing system must also be considered.


The following is my article this time, hopefully I can add more insights to friends, more or less I'm sorry, thank you for reading, if this can be useful, it can be shared with other friends.

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