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2 ways to use blogs to earn money

This increasingly advanced development brings various desires into reality. One of them is the desire to have money but not having to work in an office, says it can be realized with the existence of a technology called the internet. 

apart from being able to create or open an online shop by just buying cheap vps and using it to be able to get benefits, namely money from the internet or digital. 

The existence of a block in cyberspace cannot be said or underestimated anymore because of its very important existence as a provider of information that is equivalent to online media in general.

there are even many people who believe the information they get from reading blogs because of an emotional bond created between being a blog owner. If we look at this phenomenon, there is nothing surprising if the profession whose name is blogger is now starting to rise among generation Z or millennial circles, but in fact many do not understand that income from a blog cannot be obtained within a period of one or two.

three months or a short period of time. Being a blogger must have consistent patience to be able to get high visitors or traffic and the blog can be monetized so that it can be maximized, therefore there are many ways that you can try later to increase your blog visitors so that later you get lots of results through blogs that are you write later. 

Here are 2 ways to use a blog so you can have money from the internet: 

1. Maximizing affiliate marketing 

One of these programs is that blogs are increasingly being used as a source of funds or income from the internet network, yes, affiliate marketing or simply affiliate marketing. Programs whose purpose is to promote products. 

If you want to join or join you will be looking for users to get mining results from affiliate marketing. joining as a member or a member of affiliate marketing is easy, you just enter the brand's site, which will be serious, it has a program that posts a special link to your website.

The link is usually embedded in a keyword in your article later. The challenge that Allah usually faces from this program is to convince visitors that later they want to click on the link and be able to make purchases on brand websites that work with you.

 2. Offer advertising services  

Online marketing today can be done in many ways and various things apart from SEO, or Ads or it can be called advertising, which is often used for tools that can bring so much traffic to your article content. You can use this opportunity material by opening advertising services on your blog. 

The income can be based on just a click or the tracking rate of your website in search engines increases. including tools for advertisers that are often used are ad networks such as Google AdSense.

if your blog wants to be installed with adsense ads you will have to register first and have to agree to the school requirements that must be met to register when it is successful the ad will be installed in the space provided on your blog. the more you are the more results you will get get it from the blog itself.


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